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Resource relation

Short description

Resource relation are a subclass of relationship type and represent the type of the relation between resources and functions.


A function is connected to an organizational unit via an organizational flow connector, to an information system via input output flow connector and to a data object via data flow connector. [1]


„Beziehungen zwischen Prozessmodellelementen und Ressourcen werden durch eine ternäre Assoziation zwischen Prozessmodellelement, Ressource und Prozessmodellelement Ressource Zuordnungstyp in das EPK-Metamodell und durch die Assoziationsklasse Prozessmodellelement Ressource Zuordnung repräsentiert.“ [1]

Each resource has a different resource relation type. An organizational unit is connected to function by an organizational flow connector, an data object is connected by a data flow connector and an input output flow connector is used to connect information systems to functions. [2]


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