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Technology is important in nursing There has been a significant increase in the use of technology in higher Technology has influenced the way nurses leam and care for patients. It has allowed nursing students to practice on make-believe patients to leam, sharpen, and improve skills. Many nursing schools are using hightech mannequins to simulate real-life patient situations. The use of technology in nursing schools is viewed as a vital and important complement to hands-on clinical experiences, and has created many opportunities to develop new teaching strategies in nursing education. However, there are some concerns, ancestress, and challenges for nursing faculty who are often older than their students [ Easy and quick booking concert tickets] did not "grow up" in the same technological savvy computer age.

Nursing students of today may be referred to as Generation Y, Net Generation, or the Millennial Generation. The Net Generation was born between 1980 and 2001, and grew up in a mediarich informational environment. A large number of nursing students are from the Net Generation and have been familiar with the Internet since an early age. They have purchased clothing, airline and concert tickets on the Internet, obtained transportation, and a variety of other services, including communicating with peers using various forms of Instant Messaging Systems. Since nursing faculty are encountering a variety of generational different learners, the Net Generation of nursing students has posed the greatest challenge to faculty who continue to use traditional teaching methods that do not include an integration of technology. Faculty must become aware of how the Net Generation is challenging the traditional teaching methods in nursing education.

In order for nursing faculty to accommodate the Net Generation in nursing education, it is important to devise learning activities that align with these learnedly learning styles. Nursing faculty must assess and better understand Net learners, their expectations, and learning needs; then change teaching commonalities to meet the needs of such learners. The Net Generation of nursing students will welcome technology in the classroom to complete their learning. If nurse educators do not provide that technology, these future nurses may be left behind and may find that they are unprepared for the technological work environment. Technology continues to make a huge impact on nursing care, so nursing students must be prepared for an everchanging technologically-driven health care environment. Altogether, Linked In, Yahoo Groups). Some of the latest technology to impact nursing includes smart phones and social media. It has been estimated that a large number of individuals, worldwide, use social network sites to communicate and share ideas. Social media is a platform that can assist nursing faculty in helping students gain greater understanding of the importance of communication, professionalism, health care policy, and ethics.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. All concerts are general admission and standing room only. Looking for a seat? Check out the VIP Experience. Green Flash admission includes concert attendance, parking, and entrance to all aquarium exhibits starting at 5:30 p.m. Read the Green Flash Concert FAQs below or email us. Please note that aquarium general admission tickets cannot be used for Green Flash Concerts. Four rocking concerts for one low price! Enjoy the concert from the upstairs VIP Experience deck. Handling fees apply to all purchases. Are Green Flash Concerts 21 and up? Yes. There are no exceptions. Is seating available at the Green Flash Concert?

All general admission concert tickets are standing room only with the exception of accessible seating that is accommodated at a first come-first-served basis. VIP Tickets include open seating on the upstairs VIP Deck. Are the concerts rain or shine? Yes. Green Flash concerts are outdoors and rain or shine. No refunds are available due to weather. How long is the concert? What time does the headliner start? Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Tide Pool Plaza opens at 6: p.m. Guests will line up in the Hall of Fishes before Tide Pool Plaza opens. The opening act begins at 6:30, and headliner begins at 7:30. The concert ends at approximately 9 p.m. Are Birch Aquarium's exhibits open during the concert? All aquarium exhibits are open from 5:30 to 8:45 p.m.

Green Flash Concert. Your concert admission is not applicable for Aquarium General Admission during normal operating hours of 9 a.m. Where is the Green Flash Concert parking? Birch Aquarium provides free parking for the Green Flash Concert The main aquarium lot fills up quickly, but additional parking is located off of Downwind Way, west of the aquarium. Please follow directional signage. There is a free shuttle from the overflow lots to the entrance of the aquarium. Shuttles run until 9:30 p.m. Can I tailgate before the concert? Tailgating and pre-gaming is strictly prohibited in Birch Aquarium and UC San Diego parking Parking lots are patrolled by UC San Diego Police before and during the concert.

Are Green Flash Concerts accessible? Birch Aquarium and the Green Flash Concert Series strive to be fully accessible to all of our guests. The majority of Birch Aquarium is all on one level, with the exception of the outdoor Tide Pool Plaza, which has ramps. Can I take photos at the Green Flash Concert? Guests are encouraged to take photos for personal use. Flash photography is prohibited and the use of tripods is not allowed. For the health and safety of our guests and animals, smoking, including e-cirgaretts, is not allowed anywhere on Birch Aquarium at Scripps property, including outdoor exhibits, sidewalks, Splash Cafe, and the entire parking lot. Can I bring my pet to the Green Flash Concert?

Only trained service animals are permitted inside Birch Aquarium at Scripps. For the health and safety of your pets, we request they not be left in cars in our parking lot. If a pet is found in a car, they may be removed and held by University of California San Diego police. Can I bring in my own food and drinks? External food and drinks are not allowed at the Green Flash Concert Series. Food, drinks, and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at the concert. Tailgating is not allowed and the parking lot is patrolled by UC San Diego Police before and during the concert. Am I allowed to leave and re-enter the Green Flash Concert?

Yes, re-entry is allowed with a hand stamp. You can get a hand stamp as you leave through the front gate. Birch Aquarium at Scripps is part of the University of California San Diego and adheres to University of California Weapons Policy. Birch Aquarium strictly enforces a no weapons of any kind policy to ensure an enjoyable experience for all guests and to reduce potential risks to the safety of our guests and staff. Weapons include — but are not limited to — firearms (including toys and replicas), chemical or electronic "non-lethal" devices or sprays (such as tasers or pepper sprays), impact weapons, knives or other sharp instruments. Visitors are prohibited from carrying firearms — concealed or not, regardless of whether the owner holds a permit.

Season 1 of Regular Show. It first aired on September 20, 2010. This episode received 1.715 million views. Mordecai and Rigby develop a coffee-induced caffeine addiction while working overtime to pay for concert tickets to a popular rock band. Mordecai and Rigby are watching TV at The Coffee Shop, and learn that a Fist Pump concert is showing at Slammers live. Despite Fist Pump targeting younger people, Rigby wants to go because he has been a fan of Fist Pump since third grade. Mordecai isn't interested, but as soon as he finds out that Margaret is going as well he is determined to get tickets.

The duo ask Benson for overtime hours so they can afford the concert. Benson agrees after being encouraged by Skips and Pops. Drinking huge amounts of coffee helps them finish their work, but when they try to buy tickets they are told that only VIP tickets are left, which are a lot more expensive. Mordecai and Rigby convince Benson to give them more jobs, but the only task left that they can do is to mow the lawn. With no coffee left and no energy, the duo almost fall asleep. However, a Coffee Bean and his translator appear, who are willing to supply them with coffee in exchange for something else.

With the aid of the coffee they finish the lawn mowing and buy the VIP tickets. The translator and giant coffee bean are angry that the duo only bought two tickets, arguing that in exchange for the coffee, they need tickets as well. They then trick Mordecai and Rigby into drinking chamomile tea, which knocks them out. The bean and his translator steal the tickets and Fist Pump gear and flee to Slammers on the golf cart. Mordecai and Rigby chase them on the lawn mower and retrieve their tickets. Mordecai and Rigby make it to the concert and grab their VIP seats in the front row. Mordecai looks back and spots Margaret in the crowd.

However, he is crestfallen to see her with a new boyfriend, Slasher. Slasher insults Mordecai, but this angers Margaret, who tells him not to be a jerk. Mordecai sinks down into his seat just in time for the concert to start. Unfortunately, Mordecai and Rigby immediately fall asleep from a caffeine crash as Fist Pump begin to play. This episode marks the debut of Margaret, Mordecai's primary love interest. This episode marks the first of two appearances of the band Fist Pump. In the unedited episode, The Coffee Bean scene is cut and it transitions to the montage. When Skips starts talking about the concert, it is seen that Rigby did not have his tail. In the next scene, it reappears. When Benson throws the keys to Rigby, the garage door is seen to be open, but when Benson starts and drives off in the cart, the garage door is locked.

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There's nothing quite like the thrill of a roller coaster and the sights and sounds of a visit to a theme park. Theme parks are a terrific way for families to let lose and have a great time together. One of the prime theme park destinations in the US is the chain of Six Flags parks. With 20 parks in North America, Six Flags attracts over 28 million visitors a year to parks such as Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Over Georgia, and Six Flags America. Though an affordable outing for most families, the final tally can add up fast. There's the cost of transportation and lodging if you're visiting one of the Six Flags parks a long distance from your home.

And don't forget parking fees, refreshments, and souvenirs for everyone. The final tally might wind up being the biggest thrill you get from your Great Adventure! Of course you really can't put a price on a wonderful outing with friends or your family. Theme parks were made-to-order for just these kinds of memorable occasions. So how do you keep the total cost of your Six Flags or other theme park excursion within reason? The good news is that Six Flags has 20 theme parks spread out over North America, so it shouldn't be too hard to find a park within a few hours driving distance. If you can make it into a day trip, then you will save a lot on meals and lodging. However, the one item that most people don't save on is the price of the admission tickets to the park.

This is probably because they are not even aware that it's possible. 59.99 at most Six Flags parks. You can save a bit if you purchase your tickets online at the Six Flags Web site. There is, however, one other place where you can purchase Six Flags and other major theme park tickets, often at a large discount, and that's right on eBay. Think about it for a moment. Imagine a family that has purchased a set of 4 tickets to Six Flag's Magic Mountain theme park, but is forced to cancel their trip at the last minute due to a change in plans.

240, but are still usable through the end of the summer. Ticket deals like these are listed on eBay every single hour of the day. And not just for Six Flags parks either. There are tickets for Hershey Park in Pennsylvania, Disney World, and all of the other Orlando Florida theme parks. You name the theme park and there's a very good chance that there are tickets for it available on eBay. The other really great thing about purchasing theme park tickets on eBay is that there is no concept of "used" or product condition like there is with physical products like cars and If a Six Flags admission ticket is still valid, then it's as good as mint. The shipping costs, which sometimes can get quite high for a physical item on eBay, are often times completely free for theme park tickets.

It only costs the price of a first class postage stamp to "ship" the tickets to you. And some tickets may even be electronic, so the seller will just email you the link so you can print them out from your own computer. It doesn't get any more lightweight than that! Many states have laws governing the resale of event tickets, limiting the resale price to no more than the face value of the ticket plus any service charges. This is to combat ticket scalping. Bay has a strict ticket policy that requires all sellers of event tickets to abide by the ticket resale laws governing their own states.

If you are new to eBay and don't already have an eBay account, you don't need to worry. The eBay registration process is quick, simple, and Once you've created your account you can start browsing for exactly the tickets you want. Just be sure to read the auction descriptions carefully so you know exactly what is being Be aware of what kinds of theme park tickets are being offered: general admission, child, single day, season passes, etc. Also, some Six Flag tickets are not valid at Six Flags water parks. Just take your time and feel free to email the seller if anything isn't clear. In fact, eBay encourages this kind of communication between bidders and sellers to better foster an enjoyable community. With the thousands of theme park tickets offered for sale on eBay, there's really no need to pay face value for your Six Flags tickets at the admissions gate. Instead, spend those great savings on those must have tee shirts and funny hats for sale at the park!